10 Reasons Why This Blog Shouldn’t Be Published

Exactly what it says on the tin. Plus 1 Reason Why This Blog Should Be Published Anyways.

Do you sometimes struggle with making a decision? Because I do. I question myself all the time. So you can probably imagine how easy it is for me to start a blog. Or rather how easy it is for me to think of excuses not to do it.

  1. I’m fairly sure you’re supposed to have a rough plan for a blog you’re starting. There is no such plan.
  2. I’m tired (never the start of a good story or decision or text, ever).
  3. It could end up being a total flop with no one reading it.
  4. Right now I already don’t have a lot of free time. Adding another responsibility seems foolish.
  5. There are already thousands of blogs out there, what could I possibly offer that they don’t?
  6. What if people don’t like what I write? What if they get bored?
  7. Considering my track record, I’ll probably abandon this project in a few weeks at the latest. So why bother?
  8. Come to think of it, what am I supposed to write about all the time?
  9. WHAT THE FREAKING HECK AM I DOING?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!??!?!?
  10. (To further stress reason number 2, I didn’t even notice that I only had nine points until I re-read the list this morning.)

Now that I’ve given my self-doubt all the time in the world the time to talk me out of this, have indulged all my fears and self-pity, let’s give it up for The 1 Reason Why This Blog Should Be Published Anyways:

  1. I want to have this blog.

That’s why I’m scared. That’s why I care so much. That’s why I’m freaking out. I want to do this. And you know what? That’s more than enough reason to go ahead and do it.

Have you ever been too afraid to do something? Because sometimes I feel like I am like that all the time. Do you regret not doing that something?


a.k.a. the one who isn’t regretting publishing this post but try telling that to the panicked voices in her head

By justnoredsmarties

In my mid-twenties. Passionate geek. Writer. In love with fictional worlds. Sarcastic. Not fond of red smarties. Coffee addict and not ashamed to admit it.

8 replies on “10 Reasons Why This Blog Shouldn’t Be Published”

Hey there and welcome to blogging! Everyone starts somewhere and the only way I could get into blogging myself was to stop listening to my fears. I think one of the best but hardest parts about blogging is how unstructured it is. You really can write about whatever the heck you want; there is no formula that needs to be followed and you’ll find a whole range of blog styles out there. In my experience, the best way to actually develop a blog and stop it from falling by the wayside is to only put the expectation on myself to write a certain quantity of posts per month. The more I’ve made writing a habit, the better my blogs have naturally become. You’ll get there in time if you stick with it. Wishing you all the best!

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*squeals embarrassingly loud because first comment ever*
*clears throat*
Hi 🙂 Thank you so much for the kind welcome and sharing your own experiences! I couldn’t agree more in regards to the unstructured part. Knowing that I can blog about anything makes it so hard to come up with a topic, whereas if someone were to tell me “You’re only allowed to blog about the usage of ink in the 17th century” I… well, I probably wouldn’t start blogging, but if I did, at least I’d knew what to write about.
That’s a great tip, thank you! I think I’ll do something similar, just to make sure I’ll stick with it. And then hopefully I’ll find out on my own which topics interest me and are fun to write about. Thank you again, you’re amazing! 🙂

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Hi new blogger! *waves* I so get your reasons–I’m often in the same place. I feel like I don’t care enough about my blogs and that what I have to say isn’t important…but then I just have to remind myself that blogging is somenething I’ve prioritised many times, and it is a good thing for me. Don’t let all the negative thoughts get you down (they’re like red smarties) and blog on!

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Hi there!! Thanks so much for your encouragement! It means a lot! You’re right (and I love the comparison), I really need to start treating them like red smarties and simply sort them out. And do my best to keep blogging 🙂 Thank you again, I hope you’re having a great Sunday!

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I couldn’t agree more! Besides if the doubts weren’t enough to keep me from posting this first post, what makes them think I’m gonna surrender to them now? 😀 Thank you so much for your comment!!


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